Friday, May 4, 2012

Disrupting the Very Foundations

  Everyone has one of those terrible moments they will remember for their entire life. I'm not talking about truly terrible things involving death and dismemberment, but "terrible" things that happen to us when we're children that usually involve being laughed at, wet pants or some sort of embarrasing situation that as you get older, you can laugh at. But it doesn't change the fact that YOU WILL NEVER FORGET IT!

Say for instance that you are a very shy kindergartener. You don't like school because it's just too many people, too much that's new and too many rules that you don't yet understand. And say that one rainy day you enter the classroom, carefully remove your yellow rain slicker and shiny new rain hat and put them carefully on your assigned hook.

Then, say for instance, that the wicked, slightly sadistic, overly-bossy, everything-must-be-in-its-place, orderly-to-the-point-of-insanity, kindergarten teacher comes up to you and yells at you for daring to have the audacity to put your rain hat on the wrong hook!

Oh no!

The wrong hook!

The entire building is going to collapse. The rain hat has upset the perfect balance of the coat hooks, which will undoubtedly skew the coat closet. The repercussions will be enormous! The vibrations of said imbalance will tilt the classroom, disrupting the very foundations of THE ENTIRE SCHOOL!

Everybody run!

Get out while you still can!

This innocent child has PUT HER RAIN HAT ON THE WRONG HOOK!

Yes, if something like that were to occur it could scar one for life.


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