Monday, May 14, 2012

Wing Bits and Fairy Dust

I was talking a walk the other day and noticed there was an unusual amount of butterflies around. These were dark brown with orange markings, about 1.5 - 2 inch wings and they were all over the place! I started counting them, but lost count after a couple hundred thousand. If I were a different sort of person I would know exactly what sort of butterfly they were and what they were doing out in such numbers, but I'm n . . . wait a minute. I'm exactly that sort of person. Why haven't I looked this up? I have no idea. Laziness I expect.

But, like I said, I was walking and from down the road I could see a butterfly approaching. It was moving quickly in a straight line with only a little bit of butterfly bounce. As it zoomed in I got a little nervous, after all butterflies are large bugs with antennae and many legs, even if they are pretty. But, not wanting to look like a fool I refused to duck and dodge for a mere butterfly, despite it's homicidal and suicidal tendencies. I stood my ground. And then CRASH! Ooof! The kamikaze, dive-bombing butterfly slammed into my chest, exploding into nothing but wing bits and fairy dust.

OK, I made some of that up. Really, just prior to the grizzly ending the butterfly veered off crazily. Apparently they have some sort of echolocation abilities, like bats. Either that or they have terrible eyesight and quick reflexes. (ie, they don't actually see me until they are right on top of me, but are quick enough to veer off prior to impact.)

And this happened several times. I suspect I may have been invisible and didn't know it.


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