Friday, May 11, 2012

Does it Have Thighs?

  Remember this recent post where I ranted about a tarantula with thighs? And how the men in the family chuckled and said things like "Thighs indeed!" and "Tarantula? Don't be ridiculous" and "It's not so big!"

Well, the other day while speaking with the hubster on the phone:

Hubster: What is that shadow? [He looks up]. Wow! That's a big spider!
Me: Does it have thighs?
Hubster: Wow! Yes, that thing has BICEPS!
Me: It's not in my shoes, is it? (I have a history of finding rather large spiders in my shoes.)

So, it is possible to impress a man with a large spider. You just have to catch him off guard.


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