Monday, May 28, 2012

Pluck a Buttercup

  Do you remember picking buttercups when you were a kid? You'd hold them under your chin and if the reflecting color turned your chin yellow that meant you liked butter. Well, here's a cool article explaining why buttercups are so good at shining that yellow light on your chin:

Interesting. And buttercups are so happy. How can you not be happy when you hold that much yellow? They are bright, sunny and cheerful. I snapped a few pictures of buttercups recently and wrote a few haiku to go with them:

Pluck a buttercup
Mirror yellow on my chin
Yes, I like butter


Tiny yellow suns
I can hold them in my hands
Bright yellow beauty


Playful, yellow, fun
Buttercups sway in the breeze
Come and play with me.


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