Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yoga Makes Me Tense and Ready to Spring Into Action

  I went to a yoga seminar the other day. I've always had some interest in yoga, but have never really done any (other than the few yoga exercises that come with Wii Fit, or the few I've picked up from various fitness magazines, and that hardly counts). I own at least two books on yoga and a couple of DVDs. I'd like to say they are awesome, but honestly, I haven't finished reading, or watching, any of them. For whatever reason yoga just doesn't hold my interest despite the fact that I find it interesting. I think it's too calm, too slow, too relaxation-oriented. Not that it's not difficult or challenging, it just does it in a more meditative way than I can wrap my head around right now.

Of course, a little bit of relaxation might be good. I mean, I don't sit and relax. I'm always doing something. Whether it's my job, or karate, or kettlebell, or artsy, craftsy, beading, sharpie-ing, web site design/development, cleaning, baking, roller blading, biking, playing . . . I don't have time for sitting and relaxing. On those rare occasions when I do find myself on the couch in front of the TV, it's guaranteed that I'm also reading, drawing, catching up on email, crafting or doing something otherwise engaging.

So, you would think that yoga might be a good fit. I could (sort-of) relax and work-out at the same time, right?

Well, back to this yoga seminar. It was an intro to yoga - a one-hour seminar to give you the feel of what the yoga classes will be like (which I won't be taking even if I wanted to because they are during the day when I'm at work)

The seminar was great - it really was. The instructor was good - really knowledgable and certainly fit. And the workout was awesome. It was challenging yet fun. I did pretty well I thought. At least I didn't make a fool of myself and I'm pretty fit and flexible so I didn't have a lot of difficulty. There were certainly challenges and I did have a few sore spots the following day. I can see where I could really enjoy it.

But when it came to the end of the class, and we were lying on the floor, all collapsed, relaxed and breathing deeply, and we had been for a minute or two, the instructor said, "You should be relaxed and calm," or something to that effect and I realized that all my muscles were tense, that I had missed the point somewhere. I mean, I was like a board. I was lying there, looking relaxed, but my legs and backside were tight, my arms were stiff. Not at all yoga-relaxed. I was breathing deeply, but not listening to any inner voices or listening to birds chirp and sun shine and wafting breezes. I was peering out through my half lidded eyes thinking, "WTF! Can we get up now? How long are we going to lie here? Can I get up yet? Huh? Huh? Huh? Can I get up? Every muscles was tensed and ready to spring into action - ready for my next activity. Let's go roller-blading! Let's go shopping! Let's do something! Anything! I can't lie here any more! Aaaaah!

So yes, I think I may have missed a core point somewhere. Maybe more yoga would be helpful after all.


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