Monday, March 8, 2010

Calvin & Hobbes Cookies Part 7 –Unsuspecting Townsfolk

This is part 7 in my series of the recreation of various Calvin & Hobbes comics in cookie form. In this comic Calvin prepares to sled down a hill into a group of unsuspecting townsfolk. This is one of Snicker’s favorites. He really appreciates this sort of thing. He’s really enjoying looking through my Calvin & Hobbes books with me and has fun drawing the comics on his own. This is the original comic here.

Here is the work in progress. All the little snowmen were fun to make (but not so much fun to frost – too small!)

And here’s a closeup (slightly blurry) of the Calvin cookie in progress. Once again, I had fun working with a little more color and this Calvin came out much much better than my last Calvin cookie.

And here is the finished product. I’m not real happy with this one. The photo didn’t come out quite like I would have liked and the snowmen came out too messy. It’s hard to frost those tiny little things! But they were mighty tasty! Just the right size - bite size!

Next week will be my last of the snowman series, then I’ll be moving on to some more colorful scenes and plan to have a lot of fun (and make quite a mess of course!)  I hope you'll check back each week for more.


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  1. We LOVE Calvin and Hobbes! Its so true to the way children think and their interactions with everything!