Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chocolate Smellificence

I went out to lunch the other day with some of the girls I used to work with. (Hi guys!) It was so good to see them again! The weather was perfect - sunny and warm (50's). My lunch was excellent (a chicken and cheese quesadilla - I LOVE those!) and it was just a lot of fun to see them again and hear all the old nonsense :-). I really miss seeing them on a daily basis.

We also wandered a little bit after lunch and stopped into a chocolate shop. When we first walked in we were hit with a wall of solid chocolate smellificence. It almost knocked us over. It was divine! (And yes, I made that word up, but it just seemed appropriate).
I tried a mint cream (so-so), a caramel truffle (very yummy) and a dark chocolate covered shortbread (oh-my-god-it-was-heavenly!) Now that I know the chocolate shop is there I may have to stop in occasionally - I could use about 10 more of the chocolate-covered shortbread (well, my mouth and brain could, maybe not my hips and thighs). Then it was back to the daily grind. Sigh! But it was a fun break from an otherwise dreary day in front of the computer screen.


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