Monday, March 15, 2010

Calvin & Hobbes Cookies Part 8 –Spring is in the Air

This is part 8 in my series of the recreation of various Calvin & Hobbes comics in cookie form.

In this comic a trio of snowmen herald the coming of spring. Of course, the coming of spring is not a good thing for snowmen! This is the original comic here.

Here I am just starting out. I’ve got the cookies baked and ready for decorating:

And here it one of them outlined. The signs are handmade out of paper and toothpicks. The signs were actually the very first thing I did in this entire series of cookie making. But then I decided to hold off on posting this since it has a spring theme. I thought I’d wait until spring was almost here. And, maybe I’m being optimistic, but I’m hoping it’s almost here. I’m sure we’ll get another snow storm or two before all is said and done, but we’re getting close!!

And finally, here is the finished product:

I hope you like it. I hope to have another Calvin & Hobbes cookie post next week, but I had planned to get started on it this weekend and as I write this it’s already 2:00 PM on Sunday and I haven't done anything more than make the dough. And finding time for this during the week is not easy. So, if I can squeeze it in, look for a brand new batch, with a brand new theme next week. If I can’t squeeze it in, look for it the following week. It will be worth the wait!


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