Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I like mint. Mint chocolate-chip ice cream, shamrock shakes, mint tea, peppermint patties (Ghiardelli with dark chocolate - awesome!) I even have a recipe for mint cake. It sounds strange, but it is to die for! So good! Next time I make it (soon) I'll post the recipe.

Around Christmas I saw some Andes chips and picked 'em up. You know those Andes mints - little wafers of layered chocolate and mint. (For some reason I can't seem to find their website although they must have one). In any case, I've never been a big fan of Andes' mints for some reason - the flavor always seemed off,
but these chips caught my eye and I must have been hungry so I picked up a bag of the chips that are like broken pieces of the standard chocolate and mint candies (probably swept off the floor of the factory after a day of production/packaging) and a bag of white and red (like white chocolate with candy cane chips).

Finally, three months later (you don't want me to actually use them when they're fresh, do you?) I used the chocolate ones. The results were very yummy. I made a standard chocolate chip cookie recipe (from the back of the chocolate chip bag) and added 1/2 cup cocoa powder and 2 cups of these chips rather than chocolate chips. They came out nice and puffy. I think if I had replaced a half cup of flour with the cocoa, they may have spread out a little more and been a little flatter, but since I just added the cocoa powder, it made the dough drier and stiffer so the cookies didn't spread much. But it worked out fine. They are super yummy! Very minty-licious and chocolatey.

Of course, the hubster didn't like them. He hates mint in all forms except official York Peppermint Patties. And the boys wouldn't touch them. Ick! Mint! They won't even use mint toothpaste! But Sweet Pea, a girl after my own heart, loves them. (She also loves the mint cake.)

Here's a picture of the little minty-licious morsels:


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