Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I So Do Not Have Ape Arms

What is it with long sleeves? It drives me crazy that about 99.9% of my long sleeve tops have sleeves that aren't quite long enough. I think long sleeves should cover your wrist bones and touch the back of your hand. Don't you agree? Well my sleeves don't. My wrists always stick out a little. I'm constantly pulling at them to make them longer, but they always bounce back! I feel like a grade-school kid who has outgrown my clothes!

I'm tall, but come on! I'm not THAT tall! I don't have ape arms. My knuckles don't drag on the floor when I walk. I don't have to duck going through doorways. So why are my sleeves so short? It drives me crazy! (I think I already said that.) Maybe I'll start sewing nice lacy ruffles to the end of all my sleeves to cover the fact that they are too short. That would look much better, wouldn't it? OK, maybe not.

(And yes, it's the sleeves that are too short. Not the arms that are too long!)


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