Monday, March 22, 2010

I Know What It Feels Like To Be Medusa

I know what it feels like to be Medusa. Not so much the turning people to stone part, but the snakes on the head part. In my case, not actual snakes, but it feels like it. Let me explain.

I have long hair. when Sweet Pea was born it was waist-length and whenever I carried or held her she would hold a handful of my hair in her fist like a security blanket. She loved it! In the years since, it has become shorter and is now shoulder length, but Doodlebug, like his sister, has always loved it - holding it, fondling it, burying his face in it, burying his hands in it, grabbing it as he runs by, swinging from it like a vine (It happened once. It was not pleasant!) Recently, the Hubsterama was out late, so Doodlebug wheedled his way into my bed. He's snuggly and warm and it doesn't happen often so I let him stay. As soon as the lights went out, his hands reached for my hair. And they wiggled and curled and pulled and fondled and wriggled and curved and flipped and flopped and scraped. I felt like my head was covered in snakes. Have you ever tried to sleep with snakes crawling all over your head? I haven't, but I imagine it would be similar. I was too tired to make him stop - it would only have started up again in a minute anyway and I knew it would only last until he feel asleep. And about 10 minutes later it finally stopped. After a few half-hearted restarts, it finally ceased and we both slept.

But for some reason I wasn't sleeping well. Maybe it was the hot little body next to me (although I'm used to hot big body next to me most nights) or maybe it was the hands still twined in my hair (but thankfully not moving). Who knows. But Hubsterama, the poor man, had to face Medusa's wrath when he came home. He came in late, all wired after a writer's meeting and complaining about a sore muscle. I could tell he was wide awake and wanted to chat. On and on. Endlessly. Ad nauseum. At 2 am. I was sleeping. So I said something to the effect of:

"Shut up! I'm sleeping."

I felt bad but was too, um, sleeping to care at the time. Sorry sweetie!

PS. I was right about the Calvin and Hobbes cookies. I've had almost no time to work on them this week/week-end. And the time I did have I squandered away playing Mario Kart on the Wii and doing Wii Fit. But here's some of the pictures I'm thinking of cookifying (That's duck for 'recreating in cookie form').
I plan on getting my butt in gear and having a new Calvin and Hobbes cookie post for next week.


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