Monday, March 29, 2010

Hot Showers

I hate my shower. Or maybe it's the hot water heater I hate. All I know is that some mornings the water is luke-warm. First thing in the morning, I'm the first one out of bed. There's no way we're out of hot water! Unless of course the shower fairy was here and used up all the hot water while I slept, but I think I would have heard her. Anyway, it's not like we never have hot water. Sometimes it's super hot. Like scalding hot. But other times, the best I get is kinda sorta warmish. Just the other day. I really wanted a nice HOT shower. But no, not even close. It's never cold, not even cool, just warm, but not quite as warm as I'd like. (So I suppose it could be worse.)

Sometimes if we're lucky, when we realize it's only warm, we can turn it off and come back in 5-10 minutes and it will be miraculously hot again. But not always. Sometimes when we come back 5-10 minutes later all we've done is waste 5-10 minutes because it's still just warm. It leads to shorter showers that's for sure! And it doesn't matter how long we let it run - it doesn't warm up that way. It stays the same kinda sorta warmish temperature.

Oh, I've tried googling it and hanging out in the plumber forums but I never see anyone with a similar problem. The water heater is probably 8 years old. Maybe not even that old, but it's been that way since the day we got it. And it's not just showers, although that's where I really notice it. It's any sink/tub/faucet in the house. Sigh!



  1. Sometimes if there is a lot of sediment in the bottom of the tank it will act up this way. Try draining some water out of it from the hose spigot on the bottom of the hot water tank.

  2. I'll try that. Thanks, Bob. Shouldn't be necessary though - dumb thing's been doing this since the day it was installed.